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English – Spanish Language Exchange

Learn Spanish in a relaxed bilingual manner. How? In our bilingual classes!

There will be a mix of nationalities per class, some will be Spanish and some will be English speaking foreigners. The teacher will put a conversational topic forward, explaining the topic first in Spanish and then in English. After that you will be put in pairs to practise with a native.

Learning Spanish, teaching English

We also play games like Cluedo and who’s who as well as snap and dominoes. Lots and lots of fun, no embarrassement about talking as you will be in the same boat as your partner half the time!

Learning Spanish in bilingual English classes

The classes are on Friday evenings, so come and join us. Classes last for two hours. You will be surprised at how quickly you progress as you enjoy yourself playing games and chatting.


Fridays 6-8pm

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Speaking Spanish and English

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